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? What is a proxy sites

Web proxy are websites that will allow people to access other different websites through them. Proxies are often used when websites are blocked usually by the network administrators and those sites cannot be accessed using a normal connection

 Are web proxies anonymou

When you are surfing through a web proxy  you are keeping your information safe because the proxy sites is making requests to the server that are you trying to access. That means that when you are accessing a website with a proxy the web site is seeing the proxy's information and not yours, so your IP and other data will not be seen by the website

   ?   How do web proxy work

The proxy sites are using different complicated scripts in order to bypass the filters and access the sites that are blocked in a network but for the users of a web proxy things are pretty simple. In order to access a blocked website the user must go to a web proxy and enter the URL of the site they wish to unblock into the web proxy's form example : Top proxy